If you love watching sitcoms, having a good laughter and something to make you on a better mood than this shows are definitely for you

Modern Family
The Office
How I met your mother

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In case you are bit of a nerd who loves sitcom, this series will become your favourite

The Big Bang Theory
The Good Place

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Looking for a dorky, quirky female lead with determination? than this ones are for you
New Girl
Life Sentence

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Love History related TV Shows? Check them out

The Crown
The Great

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If you love time travelling, fascinating, super interesting shows, with a bit history twist time to time, than definitely watch this

Doctor Who

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Tv Shows about money and glory

Gossip Girl

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If you like watching shows about teenagers than I surely recommend this

That 70's show
One Tree Hill
The Elite
The O.C

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In case you are a chill person who wants to watch relatable, family friendly show and just Netflix and chill than I highly recommend Gilmore Girls , which contains lots of humor, mother and daughter relationship and lovable characters

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Looking for a show with great humor, old times and fascinating outfits?
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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Medical TV series that are absolutely amazing

Grey's Anatomy
House M.D
The Good doctor

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