This is such a fun idea so here you go, the soundtrack to my life. Let's remember I'm only 17 so this is mostly imagination.
Not to mention my music taste is all over the place so who knows - maybe I'll make another version.
Anyways Here are some aesthetics, enjoy...

Opening Credits
wallpaper, butterfly, and aesthetic image girl, sunglasses, and love image
The Show - Lenka
First steps
babies, cuteness, and kids image baby, webster, and stormi image
We'll be the stars - Sabrina Carpenter
First Ballet lesson
sisters, baby, and ballet image theme, aesthetic, and ballerina image
Firefly - Mura Masa ft Nao
First day at school
child, kids, and black and white image kids and babies image
Viva La Vida - Coldplay
First frenemy
fashion, aesthetic, and alternative image fitness, gloss, and gym image
Dance on the Table - CLiQ
First kiss
love, couple, and concert image Image by 𝘧𝘭𝘰
Theme for life at school
closet, school, and skirt image backpack, bff, and black jeans image
Here We Go Again - Sigma ft Louisa
First Love Frustration
olivia, relationships, and will image love image
Remember - Gryffin
Turning 18
aesthetic, beauty, and body image girls girl boys boy, cyberghetto ghetto grunge, and glow neon lights blurry image
Flowers - Nathan Dawe ft Jaykae
First time
couple, love, and kiss image black and white, kiss, and retro image
Dangerous - Rayl
aesthetic, edgy, and harrypotter image
girl, summer, and friends image aesthetic, travel, and city image love, dance, and couple image beach, friends, and best friends image
Confidence - RAYE
Falling in love again
lips, art, and kissing image couples, keith powers, and black love image
I'm Yours - Alessia Cara
Valentines day
bouquet, flower, and roses image cake, cupcakes, and chocolate image
Begging - Dua Lipa
dress, wedding, and Dream image jasmine tookes image
Trip - Ella Mai
Married Life
couple, dress, and fashion image fashion, pink, and fur image
Crazy Stupid Love - Cheryl ft Tinie Tempah
The first child
cute, family, and goals image baby and child image
Change My Love - Craig David
Theme for Flash Backs
friendship, summer, and sunset image friends, friendship, and night image love, wedding, and justin bieber image leigh-anne pinnock and little mix image
photography inspiration, makeup fashion hair nails, and feminist eyes eyebrows image
Souvenir - Selena Gomez
Realising You're Dead
Image by san junipero
Bad Dream - Ruelle
Final Credits
aesthetics, gorgeous, and luxury image
Bang Bang (Remember My Name) - BELLSAINT