If I was a villain...

villain name: Honey
actual name: Emma Kinley
age: unknown
marital status: single
nationality: unknown


art, eye, and freckles image style, aesthetic, and fashion image hair, beauty, and style image lips, aesthetic, and stars image amazing, summer, and beautiful image coat, elegance, and legs image

height: 5‘10‘‘ or 1,78cm
skin: tan
hair: long and golden hair
eyes: brown, gold / like honey
marks: scar on her neck


tattoo, snake, and white image tattoo and black image


ice, aesthetic, and theme image book, people, and punch image quotes image aesthetic, dark, and slytherin image pink, aesthetic, and girl image glitter and aesthetic image
Icey, arrogant, calling people “fucking pussies“, being emotionally attached to her snake, hates men


red, neon, and room image concept, motel, and night image tv, grunge, and broken image light image

Emma was a young child when she witnessed her mother being murdered by a cop. Emma’s mother tried to defend herself against him, because he came onto her too strong. In that moment, Emma Kinley turned into Honey, which was the stripper name of her mother. She became an orphan. No one believed her or helped her when she told them about her mothers killer. She stopped believing in justice. In a short amount of time, Honey became the worlds biggest and strongest criminal, whom the whole world is looking for. Honey is a mystery and only a handful of people know about her true identity. Honey tried to kill the cop, but he became a politician. He leads the fight against her, became a president and is now the face of the “good ones“.


- playing the innocent girl & seducing men

aesthetic, gif, and girl image

- Killing people with precision and no regret

gun and black image archive, sci fi, and weapon image

- Doesn’t feel empathy

grunge, heart, and ice image


dog image dog, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, indie, and vintage image dog, animal, and black image
A dozen dobermans
beach, boho, and dogs image beautiful, dog, and yawn image
5 case cornos
aesthetic, snakes, and ball python image
Ball python ( gift from her mother)

her house

A castle in Scotland:

nature, travel, and scotland image flowers, house, and aesthetic image art, architecture, and chandelier image city, foggy, and london image

What she’d wear

Daily Outfits:

chanel and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image butterfly, aesthetic, and jewelry image fashion, outfit, and red image fashion, blue, and chanel image fashion, high fashion, and luxury image

sleeping wear:

beautiful, beauty, and fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and catwalk image glamour, fur, and nightwear image Image by Kally Image by ♡🅻🅰🅳🅴🅴_ORCHARD♥︎ girl image

dresses Honey would wear to galas to find new victims:

catwalk, details, and fashion image
fashion, dress, and style image classy, Couture, and dress image haute couture image fashion and girl image shoes, fashion, and heels image fashion, grey, and haute-couture image

outfits for missions:

fashion, style, and dress image outfit image Rodarte image dress, black, and sexy image weloveit image Image by Private User

uniform for execution:

alternative, archive, and black image Image by Le Cirque des Rêves. bdsm, fashion, and girl image black, archive, and fishnet image fashion, outfit, and black image goth and aesthetic image


  • the cop/ politician:

He killed Honey‘s mother and was never held accountable. He tries to bring her empire down. He makes everyone believe that what he does is right. He makes sure no one talks about his past.

passion, fitz, and tinylittleangel image police and stars image fuck, inspire, and police image fitzgerald, scandal, and fitz image
  • the cops daughter:

She stands for everything Honey never had. A family. A parent. Honesty. The daughter seems so naive and just believes what her father tells her.

fashion, style, and chanel image fashion, girl, and pink image accessories, fit, and minimal image fashion, 90s, and chanel image

how would Honey take them down:

gif, Hot, and kiss image
aesthetic, aesthetics, and couple image lesbian, kiss, and red image Image by Private User Inspiring Image on We Heart It

The daughter was an easy target, because she doesn’t know how Honey looks. Getting in a relationship with her and making her fall for Honey hard and fast wasn’t difficult either. After getting the girl to do everything Honey wants her to do, she tells her to kill someone. Honey fed her lies and some truths about her father, which helped getting the daughter ready to kill her father.
The father on the other hand gets fake intel that Honey is going to kill him. He gets ready. On the day of the assassination it’s not Honey that walks into his office, but his daughter. Both, father and daughter, are extremely on edge so they shoot. Both realize afterwards what they have done. Honey saves the daughter and lets the ex-cop die after telling him that Honey married his precious daughter.

alternative, gif, and indie image

Hope you liked it.💕This is all fiction.