These are my male ficitonal character crushes, I've done a favorite female characters so you should check that out!

1. JJ Maybank

outer banks, jj, and rudy pankow image outer banks, jj, and rudy pankow image
Outer banks

2. Spencer Reid

criminal minds, matthew gray gluber, and spencer reid image criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and mgg image
Criminal minds

3. Dick Grayson

robin, DC, and dick grayson image dick grayson, nightwing, and titans dc image

4. Michael Gray

gif image peaky blinders image
Peaky blinders

5. Finn Shelby

gif, Shelby, and peaky blinders image peaky blinders and finn shelby image
Peaky blinders

6. Bellamy Blake

actor, boys, and the 100 image the 100, bellamy blake, and bob morley image
The 100

7. Kai Parker

gif, Vampire Diaries, and kai parker image chris wood, kai parker, and the vampire diaries image
The vampire diaries

8. Gilbert Blythe

anne with an e, gilbert blythe, and lucas jade zumann image gilbert blythe, anne with an e, and lucas jade zumann image
Anne with an e

9. Steve Harrington

gif, indiana, and steve harrington image stranger things, steve harrington, and quotes image
Stranger things

10. Justin Davis

justin davis, spinning out, and evan roderick image ice, January Jones, and justin image
Spinning out

I'm gonna try to keep my writing streak going!