I decided to do this article because I'm kinda bored...
I hope you like it.

1| Being lazy or being productive

girl, bed, and blonde image interior, home, and bed image
I wanted to be productive but I'm just too lazy.

2| Junk food or healthy food

food, fries, and delicious image cake, chocolate, and dessert image
I usually eat healthy, but during quarantine I'm eating more junk food.

3| Stay in quarantine with your family or alone

child, baby, and kids image ballerina, dance, and ballet image
I'm staying with my grandparents at their house and I really like it.

4| Binge watching or binge reading

bed, reading, and the perks of being a wallflower image book, coffee, and aesthetic image
I'm catching up on my reading.

5| Comfy or classy

outfit image fashion image
Comfy, of course.

6| Self-care routine or sebum cure

bathroom image bath, bath bombs, and bubbles image
I'm trying to continue to do my self-care routine.

7| Get dressed or stay in pajama

Temporarily removed Image by VIOLET, YOU'RE TURNING VIOLET!
Sometimes I get dressed, but most of the time I just stay home in pjs.

8| Facetime or chat

iphone, tumblr, and music image Temporarily removed
I prefer to facetime.

9| Work your summer body or stay lazy af

fashion and style image fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image
Stay lazy af

10| Netflix or Disney+

netflix, home, and light image Temporarily removed
I love both, but I watch Netflix more.

Thanks for reading, angels.
Sincerely, Luna