Gautama Buddha he was urban legend around the world ,whose original name was prince Siddhartha,was the founder of Buddhist,one of the worlds great religion.Siddhartha was the son of a king ruling in kapilayastu, a city northeast India,near the borders of nepal.Siddhartha himself (of the clan of Gautama and the borders of Nepal.Siddhartha himself (of the clean Gautama and the tribe of sakya) was purportedly born in 563 s.c in lumbini, within the present borders of Nepal.he was married at sixteen to a cousin of the same age . Brought up in the luxurious Royal place urban legend around the world,prince Siddhartha did not want for material comforts. Nevertheless,he was profoundly dissatisfied. He observed that most human being were poor and continually suffered from want .Even those who were wealthy were frequently frustrated and unhappy,and utimately succumbed to death surely, Siddhartha thought,there must be more to life than transitory pleasures,which were all too soon obliterated by suffering and death .when he was twenty nine ,just after the birth of his first son, Gautama decided that he must abandon the life he was living and devote himself whole heatedly to the search for truth. He deleted from the place urban legend around the world, leaving behind his life wife ,his infant son ,and all his wordly possession,and urban legend around the world became a penniless wanderer. For a e he studied with some of the games holy men of the day,but after mastering their teachings,he found their solutions to the problem of the human situation unsatisface troy it was widely believed that extreme asceticism was the pathway to true wisdom . Gautama therefore attempted to become an ascetic urban legend around the world read more :