Hey, lovelies! Here is my article on if I was famous...

Name: Sophia, but mainly goes by Sophi
Age: 12
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Location: Hometown in Michigan, but moves around a lot for filming
Famous for: Started out with a reaction/comedy Youtube channel, and then began to do song covers on her channel. I then took my love for acting and started an acting career on a Netflix Original

I have an inverted pear type body, with light skin, which tans easily. I have brown eyes and dark brown, curly hair. I usually straighten my hair though. Sometimes I dye my hair to dark natural colors, to change my look

Very artistic and creative, and is extremely funny. I am a positivity activist who loves to hang out with my friends and film quirky Youtube videos. I am known as an old soul, and I am pretty intellectual for my age, which is why many of my friends are adults.

Casual- Crop tops, jeans, short shorts, hoodies, sandals, and sneakers. My hair is usually down, in braids, or in a ponytail
Interviews and Parties-
Cute, preppy dresses, with fashionable tennis shoes. Accessorized with a choker or dangly earrings. Hair is down or in a bun of some sort
Stylish dresses with flats or short heels.

I rarely wear makeup in videos, but I do wear mascara and lipstick. And when at interviews or on set, I wear some foundation.

My before-fame best friend Anaka has been featured in many of my videos, and co-stars with me on our Netflix Original.
I have made many friends through Youtube such as Dangthatsalongname, Gloom, Laurenzside, and Azzyland. Many of my friends are from set such as Cole Sprouse, Brent Rivera, and Beck Bennett, who co-stars with me, and Chloe Fineman who I met through SNL cameos. I met Melanie Martinez through music and a movie set, and I met Avani Gregg through social media.

I hope you all enjoyed this article! Bye for now!