Hi everyone! In this new article, I'll tell you different journaling prompts/ideas to help you understand your feelings and feel better. Let's go!

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↬ Today, I noticed...

This one will help you to notice all your feelings and sensations. At the end of the day, take just 5 minutes and write a short paragraph about what you have noticed (sensations, feelings, smells...) during a moment in your day or even during the entire day. You just have to start your text with "Today, I noticed".

Thanks to this prompt, you'll be able to give more attention to your body and its messages.

↬ I'm thankful for...

This one is a little bit harder but it will help you to see your day in a more positive way. Write a text about your day but you must begin ALL your sentences with "I'm thankful for/that" and you must only see the positive aspects of the situations. Good luck!

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↬ Letter to myself

I use this prompt monthly but you can use it more often. Just write a letter to yourself in which you describe how you are feeling right now and how you've been feeling during the month/week. You can also write a list of the most important topics, projects or problems in your life at the end of the letter to really work on them.

↬ I feel most aligned with my true potential when I...

Make a list of the things which make you feel happy and help you to become a better person or to accomplish what you want to do (for example, writing poems, reading, drawing, cooking...). The goal of this list is to help you establish a list of priorities in order to add them to your routine.

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↬ What is taking up space in my mental capacity ?

For me, this one is the most important. You just need to write all your thoughts, your questions etc... Then, take some time to try to answer to all these questions and to put more clarity in your life and head!

↬ I enjoy expressing my strength most, doing...

This prompt is only for those who want to exercise more. If you want to move more because you are always feeling down/weak/tired, you just have to write what you like to do. Is it yoga? Walking with your dog? Swimming? Something else? Then you just have to put these activities in your schedule!

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↬ I feel nurtured and taken care of by...

This prompt is about self care. Take 5 minutes to write what you like to do, what help you to feel better, to feel happy, what feed your mind and spirit (knowledge, human connections, good food...).

That's all for today! See you soon for another article!

Written by @lotta1f for the Tenth Muse Writers Team
IG : @melancolies_ephemeres