I guess since this is my first time writing on here, I'll just sum up who I am.

Name: (don't really wanna give my government, so i'll just refer myself as _____)

Age: i'm 19, but I'll always consider myself an old soul

Nationality: pilipino, n yes i'm sayin it with a p, but born in raised in the bay area


• music/dance

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(love art in it's many forms, but these are my main)

• anime

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(don't hate if you ain't watched, there's somethin for everybody)


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(plants, flowers, the moon, stars, etc.)

• Authenticity

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(the phrase is pretty vague, but I just mean that genuine conversations with honestly anybody is dope asf)


Any type of negativity, just tryna live up with good energy

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ORS (Other Random Shit):

• i'm pretty much an introvert.

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i am pretty open to meeting new people, but i like my circle small

• usually write n doodle my thoughts and idea. mixing it with random drawings with occasional lyrics

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• just wanna spread love and positivity

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though i'm not perfect, so i'm just gonna keep tryin

obviously this isn't all of who i am, it's a snippet of the many differences which make up me. things might change and things might stay the same, but it's a clearer picture.