1) First anime you ever watched

naruto, sakura, and kakashi image anime, naruto, and iruka image

2) First anime crush

anime, sasuke uchiha, and naruto image sasuke uchiha image
Sasuke Uchiha (I have a crush on him since I was 7 years old lol)

3) Favourite anime characters

anime, manga, and todoroki image roy mustang, anime, and fullmetal alchemist image haikyuu image anime, icon, and demon slayer image
Shoto Todoroki / Roy Mustang / Yu Nishinoya / Shinobu Kocho

4) A popular anime you didn't like

anime, ban, and diane image ban, diane, and meliodas image
Nanatsu No Taizai

5) Anime character you can relate to

temari and naruto image kawaii, aesthetic, and animation image
A little stressed like Temari, but most of the time I'm pretty quiet like Tomioka

6) Favourite anime sidekick

attack on titan, armin arlert, and anime image anime, icon, and dororo image
Armin Alert / Dororo

7) Anime you didn't expect to like but did

anime, manga, and steins gate image steins gate image

8) Anime that should get more attention from others

deathparade image anime and death parade image
Death Parade

9) Saddest animes you have ever watched

anime, hotaru no haka, and grave of the fireflies image Image by silvio
Hotaru no Haka / Your Lie In April

10) Favourite anime ship(s)

riza hawkeye and roy mustang image anime, manga, and Otaku image
Royai / Gyushino

11) Anime that made you cry

anime, menma, and ano hana image anime, love, and plastic memories image
Ano Hana / Plastic Memories

12) Anime you would recommend to someone who's never watched anime

yourname image anime, kimi no na wa, and your name image
Your Name (I made most of my friends watch it)

13) Manga you have finished all the way through

Image removed demon slayer, kimetsu no yaiba, and kny image
Kimetsu No Yaiba (I cried soooo much omg)

14) Anime you plan on wactching

banana fish, anime, and ash image anime, given, and mafuyu image
Banana Fish / Given

15) Anime you never get tired

aesthetic, anime, and beauty image howl's moving castle, calcifer, and studio ghibli image
Howl's Moving Castle

16) Favourite anime OP

anime, background, and cartoon image anime, art, and screencap image
LiSA - Gurenge (Kimetsu No Yaiba OP)

17) Biggest anime crush

aesthetic, weeb, and animeicons image anime, kakegurui, and jabami yumeko image
Chrollo Lucifer / Yumeko Jabami

18) Anime that deserves another season

anime and death parade image death parade, nona, and decim image
Death Parade (I really don't understand why it has only one season, it has so much potential for moreee)