Day 2: write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forget

this was rather recently but it kind of stuck with me, and it´s also kind of silly but whatever.

first I must tell that talk veryyy fast, and its something that im sometimes insecure about, because I feel like I can't control it. I love to talk so when I get excited about something ( which is almost always) and even though nobody has directly made fun of it, it makes me uncomfortable when people mention it.

One day I was out with one of my best friends and I was meeting some of her friends for the first time, and while I was talking with this guy he mentioned that I talk really fast, and I started kind of making ¨excuses¨ for it, but then he said that he really liked the way I talk that It showed that I´m passionate and that was it, it was so simple but it was so nice to recieve a compliment regarding something I lack confidence in, and I changed my perspective towards the way I talk.