So... I reacently read The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin, and one of the things she did during her journey towards happiness was starting a blog. I have always loved writing, even though I have never done it so much, when I was in high school my favorite subject was English and I genuinely enjoyed writing book's essays , but besides that I just write In my journal, which I also really enjoyed.

I decided what better way to start writing than with the 30 days of writing challenge. Here we go!

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

1. My family: I'm extremely grateful for my family, I have a big family, which consist of 4 sisters, 3 brothers in law , 4 nephews (the eldest was born when I was 7 years old so I considered her as another sister) and two loving parents. I feel blessed that I have such a loving and caring family that accept me just the way I am , I know thats not the case for everyone so I know I'm fortunate. Lately I have appreciated my family more than ever, last September I moved abroad for college, right now im back home due to the pandemic, but being across the globe without my family , made me realize how blessed I am.

2. My friends: my friends make me really happy, they are loyal and extremely supportive

3. Music: I mean who doesn't love music! there's nothing like music. I have a broad music taste, one minute im listening to high school musical and the next im pouring my heart out to guns and roses. I also sing and I love doing karaoke

4. Reading: I'm a book worm, I can read a book in a day, there's just something so amazing and unique when you hold a book and can't seem to let it go, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore watching movies and tv shows but books , god the way they make you feel is different, you develop a bond like no other with its characters, you feel like you actually know them. I can't tell you how many times I have cried over a book's ending. book readers will know what I mean, when you finish a series and you just can't not believe its over, either if you spend year after year waiting for the next book's release, or if you read them all at once, when you say goodbye to the characters it feels like you are saying goodbye to your own friends, some people might think im crazy but you truly do feel like that.

5. Growth: lately I have been very interested toward self love, and growth, and one of the things that I have learn is that happiness comes in an enverioment of growth.

6. Brownies: I absolutely adore brownies, but not chocolate brownies. I'm from Colombia and theres something called milo here , people from Latin America will probably know what im talking about, milo is a chocolate and malt powder which is typically mixed with milk and served as a beverage, but in Colombia we also make brownies with it, instead of using cocoa powder.

7. Going to the movies: I absolutely love going to the movies, and I LOVEEE popcorns, going to the movies without eating popcorn it's not the same experience at all, currently being in quarantine and all going to the movies is what I miss most.

8. Going out to eat: going out to restaurants, eating delicious food and drinking wine is the best

9.Concerts: i adore concerts, all the energy and positive vibes going around is amazing, you just feel sooo alive, I love every part of it, the last artists I saw preform were the Jonas brothers in February.

10. the beach: obviously I love going to the beach in summer, but there's also something so spectacular about walking in the beach in a cold weather.