aries ⤻ pastel goth

aesthetic, alternative, and black image Image removed archive, goth, and jewelry image alternative, emo, and goth image

taurus ⤻ cottagecore

cottage, house, and flowers image bunny, cottagecore, and aesthetic image kpop, yooa, and oh my girl image aesthetic, cottagecore, and green image

gemini ⤻ y2k

Image removed pink, aesthetic, and shoes image 2000s, 90s, and alternative image 2000s, bling, and grunge image

cancer ⤻ pale grunge

wings, angel, and aesthetic image love, aesthetic, and hands image aesthetic, archive, and body image doll, hands, and pale image

leo ⤻ kidcore

aesthetic, carefree, and rainbow image sanrio image aesthetic, archive, and colorful image japan, japanese, and rainbowcore image

virgo ⤻ cryptidcore

Image by Private User hands image Image by octaviasheart cats and eye glowing image

libra ⤻ southern gothic

photography and shadow image cross image Image by LeNoir cold, nature, and pale image

scorpio ⤻ cybercore

theme, internet explorer, and soft grunge image school, 90s, and cyber image angel and aesthetic image cyber, green day, and emocore image

sagittarius ⤻ angelcore

aesthetic, design, and fashion image aesthetic, art, and theme image aesthetic, alternative, and angel image aesthetics, girl, and white image

capricorn ⤻ dark academia

aesthetic, architecture, and black image book, reading, and hand image dark academia image art image

aquarius ⤻ fairycore

Q image aesthetic, water, and flowers image aesthetic, lavender, and lilac image Image by K Y L I E

pisces ⤻ hippie

california, 70s, and vintage image life, quotes, and live image Inspiring Image on We Heart It 70s, retro, and vintage image