1. Beabadoobee

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Genre: Bedroom Pop, Indie rock

My favorite songs: she plays bass, if you want to, care, I wish I was Stephen Malkmus, dance with me,

2. Yellow Days

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Genre: Indie-soul, Jazz-infused rock
My Favorite Songs: How Can I love you?, The Way Things Change, I've been thinking too hard

3. Alfie Templeman

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Genre: Alternative/indie, bedroom pop, pop rock
My Favorite Songs: Used To Love, Stop Thinking, Don't Go Wasting Time

4. The Marías

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Genre: Indie Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Soul
My Favorite Songs: Hold It Together, Over The Moon, Loverboy

5. Men I Trust

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Genre: Indie/Alternative
My Favorite Songs: Show Me How, I hope to be around, Lauren

6. Glass Animals

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Genre: Indie Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Art Pop
My Favorite Songs: Gooey, Youth, Your Love

7. Feng Suave

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Genre: Alternative/Indie
My Favorite Songs: Sink Into The Floor, Honey there's no time, Noche Oscura

8. Victor Internet

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Genre: Bedroom Pop,
My Favorite Songs: +, Tinder Song, I KNO V3

9. Still Woozy

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Genre: Indie/pop/alternative, neo-soul
My Favorite Songs: Goodie Bag, Habit

10. Gus Dapperton

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Genre: Bedroom Pop, Indie Pop, Synth-pop
My Favorite Songs: I'm Just Snacking,

11. Banes World

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Genre: Alternative/indie, dream pop,
My Favorite Songs: You Say I'm in Love, Drowsy, You Bet I Stare,

12. Temporex

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Genre: alternative/pop, bedroom pop
My Favorite Songs: Nice Boys, No sleep, Lost in a flower field, daydream

13. Jawny

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Genre: bedroom pop, alternative/pop, indie
My Favorite Songs: Honeypie, Anything You Want

I hope you guys liked this type of article. Enjoy your week and stay safe everyone.

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