Inspired by:
  • Name: Blythe Robinson
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: December 12
  • Occupation: Student
  • Place: A deep unknown area in the Caribbean Sea


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Blythe is part siren, so when she seas strange ships, she lures them in to see what they're doing. If she sees that it's harmless, she helps them, but if they are harmful... let's just say her siren side is more prominent. She mainly uses this with pirates as they typically cause the most problems. She isn't often human, as she prefers the water.


hair, short, and blonde image girl, eyes, and blue image belt, blouse, and classy image jaw, lips, and people image
short blonde hair lightened from lots of sun, light blue eyes, skinny, tan skin, sharp jawline


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tough, changeable, open-minded, suspicious, helpful, dangerous when need be, manipulative, understanding, friendly but not a pushover

Look as a mermaid

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Make up as a mermaid

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Weather manipulation over water. Siren song. Can tell when someone lies.


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Land style

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Best friends

  • mermaid
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  • human
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