As an aspiring writer, I know how important it is for us to please the readers as much as we can.
Not only with a good story, but also with the satisfying details that accompany that story like a good cover page, a scent or a texture.

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I read most of these on the internet and thought of spreading the word. I never thought of these details when writing a book, nor reading it, but I guess people really enjoy them. So here there are, ideas of things that writers should add to their books:

1. chapter titles

In a previous article I talked about how chapter titles arouse curiosity to the reader. It adds some excitement and will want the reader to know what does the title mean.

"Chapter Six: The Hiding Place on the Moor"

What place is it? What happens there? Eric Knight used titles in his book "Lassie Comes Home" as many other writers.

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2. tables of content

When having chapter titles, you should add a table of content. This does not only work to organize your chapters and make it easier to the reader to search for pages or sentences after finishing the book, but also adds the same intrigue the chapter titles do.

When reading the table of content, the reader has an idea of what comes next and, even though most of us prefer the surprise factor, there are people that like to know if they will like the novel by judging the chapter titles well organize in a table of content.

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3. short synopsis

I do have thought of this one. Some books have a long summary on the back that gives way too many details. You do not want to tell the whole story, you just want to give the reader a good hint of what is going to be like so he/she gets intrigued and gets motivated to read the book.

Good reviews of recognized writers or magazines better be bragged on the cover page or back of the book, as they will promise the reader a good reading. Still, they should not be put bigger than the synopsis.

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4. maps

Maps help the writer explain himself/herself better throughout the story and the reader understand better. This works for books which stories take place in a small town, were the characters visit the same places constantly and were the space between those places is relevant to the story.

I have read both books with maps and without them, and for me it does not make any difference, honestly. "The Sea Cathedral" by Idelfonso Falcones is an example of a book with a map. Still, the writer explains the places so well that I never had to appeal the maps.

On the other hand, even though she explained everything pretty well, if J.K. Rowling had added a map to the Harry Potter series of the different places it would have been extraordinary.

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5. glossaries

Extremely important! Reading is the way people improve their vocabulary the most. By adding a glossary, it will make things way easier. Whether it is for historic terms or fantastical terms, it will help the reader through the story and after it.

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Thanks for reading!

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