If you have a hard time,
then come here and listen to explosive colors, which destroy people's minds.
their rays fill the loneliness.

Left alone on the lifeless shore where everything has lost its color.
Color, dazzling colors,
Which you only see on the beach,
At sunrise.
You see how the gentle golden merges with the sky and the sea.

How blue and pink shine!
How the sun's rays ask for help.
How your soul fights and tries to reach the horizon.
Because you are left alone, where no one is.
Stay alone with your own thoughts and fears.
Your body has created a wall that kills colors.
And locked you in emptiness.

It happened thanks to your friends,
Their wrong way,
Wrong step on the wrong path!
And loneliness,
Infinite, like the horizon.

loneliness is a way to improve yourself.
loneliness is a way to destroy emptiness.
Feel the colors,
Feel the gentle, mind-blowing golden,
open your eyes and see
How the sky shines!
How the sea moves,
How white are the waves,
How abnormal is the storm, coming to you,
Which will break the wall
And you will see life.

You were killed
But they could not take away your perception.

protect yourself,