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1) Elsa or Cinderella?

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Elsa, always. She has been one of my favorite Disney princesses, and the first movie came out when I was still a "little girl," so it was more magical. Just the movie Frozen in general had so many valuable life lessons about society and acceptance for being different, or having unique talents. Plus, I love Elsa's fierce nature. We have the same personality type ;)

2) Snow white or Tiana?

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Before, I probably would've picked Snow White, but to be honest neither of these are my favorite. I don't care for most of the original Disney princess movies because of the way females were portrayed. For this one, I'll have to go with Tiana. She values hard work, is the representation of black girls for the princesses, and is a very resilient, down to earth character.

3) Ariel or Aurora?

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Definitely Ariel. Again, not a fan of the story lines / destinies of these princesses, but I have to say Ariel. I'm a sucker for mermaids. Plus, I do respect that Ariel was curious and decided to go after what she wanted. However, the fact that she did it for a man is what partially bothers me.

4) Pocahontus or Belle?

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I've changed my mind since I've been younger, just because I pay more attention to the other implications of movies and their overall message. I still admire Belle for her passion for reading and learning. However, Pocahontus starts to touch on colonization and its effect on indigenous peoples. Plus, the song "Colors of the Wind" is one of my favorite all-time Disney songs because it's about putting yourself in someone else's shoes. It embraces differences in culture, highlights their beauties and what colonizers didn't need to take away from them, and promotes sympathy.

5) Jasmine or Mulan?

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Mulan. Didn't really watch Aladdin even until the live action version came out, so Mulan reminds me more of my childhood. Plus, it challenges the ideas of masculinity and femininity and gender roles.

6) Rapunzel or Merida?

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Rapunzel. She may have been my favorite princess as a little girl. Merida didn't resonate with me, but I still liked her personality and spirit.

#7) Moana or Alice?

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Moana, no explanation needed.

8) Megara or Jane?

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Megara. Neither of these characters resonate, but I've only watched Tarzan like once.

9) Esmerelda or Kida?

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10) Wendy or Lilo?

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11) Alice or Maleficent?

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Maleficent. She's like a nuance since she's both good-hearted and evil. It's a nice break from most of the other innocent Disney princesses.

12) Jasmine or Aurora?

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Jasmine. I love the song Speechless. Because a woman's voice matters.

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