These articles are like mini diaries for me. So I don't know if I should say: "Welcome back" but... today I feel really grateful. Grateful for everything in life, for small moments, for little smiles and happy dances. For holding hands and evening car rides. For life in general and what it can give to us. So today, I will write this article for myself and for every person that sometimes forgets how precious life actually is. Cheers for those small moments in life!

1. Watching your favourite TV show.

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some of my favs: Itaewon Class, Money Heist, My First First Love, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones... and so on

# 2. Drinking tea with your closest ones.

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3. Evening rides.

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4. Seeing an animal.

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5. Lighting a candle.

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6. Eating.

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7. Hugs.

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8. Walking in the forest

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9. Expressing yourself.

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10. SPA day for YOU.

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11. Listening music and partying your soul out.

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12. Falling snow.

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13. Skinny dipping.

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And honestly a lot of more. I think our generation like to focus more on bad things and jokes about mental health and being depressed becomes a trend. Our generation like to focus more on negative side and honestly I am sick and tired of that. We need to see beauty in little things and bring that inner little child that has been hiding for a while into surface. Fucking enjoy life, every moment, be the best version of yourself... It's a short life, make it count.

Lots of love,