hey love,

in spirit of keeping this dying pandemic infested summer alive i thought i'd share some of the places that i've travelled to, also i'm flying tomorrow so that'll be fun and not dangerous. enjoy :)


  • wisconsin
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i've been to wisconsin a few times, i'm moving there soon but i feel like people think wisconsin is really boring, it's actually very pretty especially driving in the middle of nowhere the nature is nice to look at
  • tennessee
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i went to the great smoky mountains when i was around 10, it was a road trip w me and a few other friends it was pretty fun although it was like 7 years ago so i barely remember this trip
  • california
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probably the most fun state i've travelled to, coming from a flat place it was mesmerizing to see houses on hills and roads go up and down, although it was really expensive it was pretty fun and i hope to go again
  • texas
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when i first flew to texas i went to austin and i loved it so much, and the other times i've been to texas i mainly went to houston and i also really love the scenery over there, also the food is 👍
  • kentucky
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i went to kentucky a few years ago, i drove with my mom's friends family so it was just me, my sister was in the hospital w pneumonia and to cheer me up they took me on an 8 hour road trip w two little kids. although the trip was fun and i had a good time
  • georgia
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i went to georiga on a road trip with my family and it was pretty fun, the peaches are surely the best and atlanta is a really cool city to go to, the houses look immaculate asf and overall i had a lot of fun.


  • pakistan
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i've been here multiple times, i didn't really enjoy it considering i had many occurrences of vomiting and diarrhea, no amount of pepto bismal could fix it, but i did go to a place that i thought was really beautiful so...i kinda had fun
  • united arab emirates
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dubai is my favorite city i've ever visited, i went here a lot, recently in december of 2019. there's so many things to do there it's honestly never ending. although it is hotter than places like arizona but if you go in the winter, your gonna have the time of your life
  • saudi arabia
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my only purpose of visiting mecca was for of course, pilgrimage, it was really beautiful and spiritual, the place is packed so it was hard to walk around the kabaa but i got to touch it and pray on it and it was so surreal and amazing
  • netherlands
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i love this place, it's so peaceful and though i don't remember much of it because it was so long ago it's a really beautiful place to travel to. everything is very interesting and it's such a chill place, people there are quiet and nice

i hope you guys enjoyed this article, stay safe