ANOTHER ONE ๐Ÿคฉ ok so since I finished greys and Iโ€™m obsessed with this show letโ€™s do thisss x

introduction: Season 4
role: main character

name: Deborah Sloan
birthday: 20th March
sexuality: straight


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she has a fair skin , soft blue eyes and long light brown hair. she has a cute earrings that she never takes off (:



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she likes to keep her style professional and bossy but always clean and sweet

galas / events

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Mark Sloan is Deborahs big brother , they both lived with the shepherds since they were little kids but when Deborah turned 18 she left to Europe were she studied medicine. mark and she were always close, he is very protective of her and she never liked it, they respect each other and work well together even though they are so different.


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positive traits ~
kind, brave , positive, supportive, sweet and compassionate, will always be there for the people she cares about, goofy and ambitious

negative traits ~
gets to emotionally involved , can be awkward at times, tries to fix everything, she can get too jealous sometimes but will never say that she is.


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like family

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the shepherds took mark and Deborah in like family and thatโ€™s how she feels about them , especially towards Derek and Amelia.

her person

grey's anatomy, chyler leigh, and lexie grey image aesthetic, message, and text image
Lexie and Deborah really hit it off, they understand each other and find comfort in each otherโ€™s company, Deborah is a HUGE selxie shipper and dont tries to hide it (;


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at first Deborah didnโ€™t want to be at peds, she wanted to be a plastic surgeon but after meeting Arizona she made her see peds more and she realized how much she loves the specialty .

close friends

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Deborah is friends with almost everyone but sheโ€™s very close with Callie, Addison , mer, Jackson , Cristina and George.

love interest

greys anatomy and alex karev image him, quotes, and love image quotes, book, and moon image baby, justin chambers, and grey's image
from the start she saw something in Alex, she saw the pain he hid and she understood it, and it freaked him out, they got closer in time but Deborah never made a move since she knew he and izzy were a thing but one night Alex kissed her and since then they were on and off in a weird relationship that she never minded , until Alex got back with izzie, and her heart broke , but she still cared for him so when izzie got cancer and then left Alex Deborah was there for him, and helped him through, after a few months they got back together again in an official way.

nicknames ~

Dr. sunshine :by a patientโ€™s mother who started to call her like that and when Arizona heard the nickname she kept using it.

Mini Sloan :by Cristina/Meredith/alex when she first met them.

deb :by mark and Derek at first and then Lexie .

annnd thatโ€™s it ((; hope u enjoyed xx