There are not many things that hold me back in this life. But some of my hold backs come with a whole lot of emotional baggage. Memories, disappointments, pain and a whole lot of more negative aspects.

How does one who suffered for so long move on and not return to the place of hurt? How do we become this new versions of us but act like the past didn't happen? How do we accept the past, forgive ourselves and learn to focus on the future instead of re-living broken memories from the past? These are big question that I had do deal with for a while. Moving into a new country, into a new city really does give you the opportunity to start from scratch and develop a newer better version of yourself where nobody is there to remind you of your past. I guess the mistake some of us make is that we're looking for a designated day to 're-start' or to become a 'new me' ,but there's not such a thing. Change happens through time.

As cliche as it is, time does truly heal and everything does happen for a reason. In the moment we may not understand what or why is unfolding the way it is, but few weeks, months and years later everything will make sense and be revealed. The say bruised fruit tastes the sweetest, those most broken are the ones who show up the most for others. A sense of empathy, understanding and patience is what creates the most broken people into the wisest.

I went a bit of a tangent, but the point is that we heal through conversations and adaptation of perspective. Meaning the more you talk about the past, the more you acknowledge that the past is apart of you. Further more the more opinions you hear, and reactions you watch your self view changes as your perspective will change tangents. Dare to see yourself from different perspectives, as the victim, as the villain, as the background character. Place yourself in different positions to be able to understand and feel the pain. After you embraced the pain put it in the back of your mind and step forwards. Whatever you went through is only a small percentage of your whole life, it is a part of your life but very small. Don't let it overrule you, you must be in control.

Only those who are closest to you know who you truly are. Believe them and keep your mind on whatever is true, pure ,right , holy friendly and proper. 'Philippians 4:8 NIV'