❝the difference between something you want and something you love
can be illustrated by how you treat a flower
when you want something
you’ll take it for yourself
and that flower then exists as an extension of you,
it’s beauty measured by how beautiful you’ll allow it to be

we often feel the need to have possession over the things we love

but when you love something
you discover an appreciation for everything it is
knowing something so beautiful, so vast, could never belong only to you
seeing it’s light and knowing it would be selfish to hold it hostage from the world

i pity those who have not gotten the chance to experience you

and at the beginning of this love, i only wanted you for myself
i am now learning to love you
i am learning to adore you from three steps back
wanting only to experience this life with you,
i will not interrupt the path you have forged for yourself
i will stand beside you, championing your growth
i will not demand that you change for me
i only ask that you change for the better

i want to see you grow
as i stand alongside you
as humans we are so complex,
there is immense depth to minds and our souls
how selfish would it be for me to think i could be everything for you

so instead, i’ll be everything i am
letting you be everything you are
and going forward, we’ll face everything together.❞

- miles carter, everything you are.

- his videos are beyond perfect. go check him out, yall won't regret it!

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