Love You Like That - Dagny

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The easiest way to say that you love somebody. Just give it a chance, you will love it like that.
All I wanna say is I got the real thing
And nothing else matters
I love you like that

Just The Same - Charlotte Lawrence

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You will feel the same like this song when it will end.
Just a little bit high, get out of my mind
'Cause I can't stop thinking of you

Le Le Let Go - Lucas Estrada, Alex Schulz, NEIMY

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I love the vibes of this song for this summer.
If we don't spend our lives together
I just know I will regret it, oh...

Caliente (Taao Kross Remix) - Juan Magán, Luciana, Victor Magan, Taao Kross

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And a song with a reggaeton style to dance all night just because all of us are 'caliente'.
Gonna tempt me, better watch my step

Calling On Me - Sean Paul, Tove Lo

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I JUST WANT TO SING THIS SONG IN THE CAR AS LOUD AS I CAN (Give a chance to the Refix Remix too, you'll don't regret).
Alright then
True love never fail
Love never fall
Real love conquers all

Tombé - M. Pokora

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I loooove the guitar in this song and the combination in this.
Je suis tombé, tombé, tombé
Je suis touché, bravo ma reine tu as gagné

Surround Me - LÉON

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Her voice is so deep, perfect for listening her songs in the sunsets.
Baby take me outside
Kiss me in the moonlight

broken (Cash Cash Remix) - lovelytheband, Cash Cash

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Just a song to sing all out loud.
I like that you're broken
Broken like me
Maybe that makes me a fool

This Is The Life - LittleKings, Kalkovich, Zoë Low

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I just love the new version of this song.
And you're singin' the songs thinkin' this is the life
And you wake up in the mornin' and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?

Pieces - Matoma, Noah Kahan

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I can't stop listening any song he sings.
I'll find love for the both of us
I'll pick all your pieces up

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