They always feel bad. They complain. They stay negative. They are “walking troubles” - people who don’t see anything positive in their lives. They are always in crisis. They still need help. They’re still talking. Talking about themselves, their problems, weaknesses...And, what’s interesting, they don’t want to hear about you. The truth is, they don’t care about you. And even if they seem like they do, you cannot be better than them, cannot be happier than them and cannot have anything else than them. Just forget to have an amazing partner, a good job that you’ve always wanted to have or achieve your goals - they will try, by negative thinking, to destroy every single positive thought in your mind. They wouldn’t help you if you have a bad time. They will just pretend to do that, but you wouldn’t feel better. If you have a deal with someone who acts like this, be sure, it’s a toxic person.
There are people who tell you, they’re your friends but, in fact, they aren’t. Not the real friends. They are just jealous and diffident (even if they said, they’re confident and feel comfortable in their own skin) and that’s why they wouldn’t let you achieve happiness. Next to them, they just need people who can make them feel important and worthy, that’s why they will tell you words that will make you stop believing in your abilities. You won’t be able to see it straight away, but going to see it in time. And you’ll just realize, you’re not happy being in the place you are. You are another person, not the one you thought you are.

We all just want to have friends, nobody wants to be alone, but if you think somebody ain’t good for your mental health, just leave them. Even if this person is very important for you - your close friend or somebody from your family. You just need to cut toxic people from your life, because you’ll make your life better. “You are your home”, so you deserve to be happy and live in peace. To have around your people who will treat you right, support you, and who will stay with you both at your bad time and when you’ll be successful. You just deserve the best. Don’t forget about it.