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welcome to another article! so i found this @sayhitoines article and i thought i should try to do this, because nothing better than answer some questions, specially when they are about fashion!
anyway, let’s go

here her article, don’t forget to check it!

1. what’s your go to style?

fashion, jacket, and winter image
jeans, shirt and leather jacket

2. would you rather wear a perfume called “honey blossom” or “sugar cookie”?

honey, theme, and skin image
honey blossom, just because sugar cookie sounds really weird…

3. do you prefer neutral-colored shoes or colorful kicks?

fashion, style, and classic image classy image
neutral-colored shoes, specially black or white

4. if you had to pick any song to get ready to right now, which one are you picking?

experience, khalid, and victoria monet image
Experience by Victoria Monét, Khalid and SG Lewis

5. it’s your first day at school/uni what would you wear?

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image
something casual like jeans and a neutral sweat

6. describe your fashion aesthetic in three words

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and black image converse and plaid pants image chic, girly, and glam image
simple, black, comfortable

7. if you were getting your nails done right now, what would you tell them you wanted done?

Temporarily removed nails image
almond shape, red color or rainbow

8. you’re going on a casual date with Jack from the Titanic, how would you do your hair?

fashion, girl, and beauty image
i would probably wear it naturally down

9. would you rather have a Chanel purse or Prada shoes?

chanel, fashion, and luxury image Temporarily removed
Chanel purse, definitely

10. what color looks better on you?

aesthetic, chanel, and kelsey simone image
black and/or blue

11. a cute boy walks by, what is he wearing?

fashion, Tattoos, and love image Temporarily removed
maybe something like these, i don't really know...

12. you’re writing a blog about fashion, what are your top three must haves pieces in your wardrobe?

fashion, style, and outfit image
a pair of black jeans, a white shirt and a camel coat

13. you’re inspired to do a make-up look, what TV show inspired you?

aesthetic, beauty, and character image euphoria, makeup, and blue image
maybe something inspired by Maddie from Euphoria

14. what cute animal would you be for halloween?

i think in halloween you are supposed to be something scary, not cute…

15. if you had a clothing brand, what gemstone would it be named after?

girl, neon, and blue image
zircon blue

16. from 1-10 how confident are you when you dress up?

mirror, girl, and bed image glam, heels, and life image
depends on the effort i put on it… it can be a 5 or a 10

17. what is an underrated make-up product you absolutely love?

girl, eyes, and beautiful image makeup, beauty, and eyes image
i don’t think mascara is underrated, but it’s my favorite make-up product and the only one i never leave house without…

18. if you could give someone a piece of advice about fashion, what would it be?

cat, Queen, and pink image
have fun and wear what ever you want and like

19. what season has the best fashion?

coat, look, and Louis Vuitton image fashion image
definitely, fall/winter

20. lastly, pick a WHI outfit and rate it from 1-10, telling me what you love or hate about it…

fashion, girl, and style image
i will give this a 7 because i really love the outfit and it's something i would wear, but the hat and the glasses are not my cup of tea... everything else is on point, although i would definitely replace the blue jeans for a pair of black jeans.

and that’s it! feel free to do this challenge and don’t forget to tag me, i would love to read them!
it’s everything for today! thank you for reading! i’ll come back soon with more
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