Aries: Scarface

1983, scarface, and 80s image
michelle pfeiffer, movie, and al pacino image scarface, michelle pfeiffer, and movie image

Taurus: Blue Lagoon

brooke shields, hair, and blue lagoon image
1980, blue, and passion image couple, movie, and blue lagoon image

Gemini: Gremlins

fantasy, horror, and comedy image
gremlins image 80s, 90s, and gremlins image

Cancer: The Princess Bride

couple and the princess bride image
1980s, 1987, and Andre the Giant image 1980s, 1987, and Andre the Giant image

Leo: Back to the Future

Back to the Future, volver al futuro, and film image
Back to the Future image Back to the Future, marty mcfly, and guitar image

Virgo: The neverending story

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movie, pale, and princess image book, pink, and story image

Libra: Dirty Dancing

Image by kindalostgal
1987, iconic, and penny image dirty dancing image

Scorpio: Beetlejuice

beetlejuice, tim burton, and movie image
beetlejuice and betelgeuse image beetlejuice image

Sagittarius: Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

harrison ford and Indiana Jones image
cowboy image beard, man, and masculine image

Capricorn: The terminator

the terminator, linda hamilton, and arnold schwarzeneger image
black and white, cinema, and movie image 1984, 1991, and film image

Aquarius: E.T.

Image by Private User
et, movie, and kiss image quotes, wallpaper, and background image

Pisces: Labyrinth

labyrinth, david bowie, and jennifer connelly image
david bowie and labyrinth image labyrinth and sarah image