Hi everyone! I love the trend of answering questions to create your own dark academia aesthetic, so I wrote some questions of my own for you to answer. Enjoy!

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anthropology or sociology? New England boarding school or Manhattan private school? tailored pants or collared shirts?
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rowboat or bicycle? red wine or whiskey cocktail? The Secret History or The Goldfinch?
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Latin or Ancient Greek? staying up late or waking up early to study? city campus or college in the middle of nowhere?
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mysterious new kid or uncanny disappearance? theoretical astrophysics or abstract mathematics? notes furiously scribbled by hand or hyper-organized binders?
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eerily quiet libraries or unsettlingly empty dormitories? leather watch or chain bracelet? gothic or neo-classical architecture?
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the smell of old or new books? the incessant songs of starlings or the screeching of a lone crow? too-friendly roommate or too-quiet classmate?
aesthetic, typewriter, and vintage image coffee, book, and writing image
pick a class: Francophone Literature of Post-Colonial Algeria or Poetry of the Indigenous Pacific Northwest? making out with your best friend or a stranger? secret diary or hidden typewriter?

Thanks for reading! Make sure to reference my Article if you try out this tag for yourself!

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