hi everyone,
hope you're all doing well <3
in today's article I decided to jump on this trend and share the vibes that the "🥺" girls give to me.

n°1 life style

avocado, food, and healthy image Image removed beach, sunset, and ocean image coffee, aesthetic, and ice image
  • skin care
  • haelthy snacks and iced coffee
  • sunsets by the sea side

n° 2 appearance

accessories, awesome, and beats image aesthetic, clothes, and kfashion image shoes, cherry, and nike image pink, glossy, and aesthetic image
  • visco and soft
  • natural makeup look
  • simple style
  • light colors

n°3 personality

quotes and smile image quotes and text image count, days, and green image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • friendly
  • chill
  • selfless
  • outgoing
  • sweet

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