Hi loves! I really wanted to make a list today of things that I personally do to calm myself and refresh when I get way too stressed out. The world is in such an unpredictable and overhwelming place right now so I really wanted to make this article to share some helpful tips, tricks, and hopefully just make someone’s day a little bit better. :)

1) Go for a walk and listen to your favorite music: Long walks at sunset and tame impala always get me to calm down

2) Focus on your breathing and consciously shift your mind from the topic that is stressing you out: Deep breathing and meditation is really good for clearing your mind

3) Watch something that will distract you: Distractions aren’t always good in all situations but if you really need to clear your head watch a movie, tv show, or video that’ll make you focus on more positive things

4) Try to imagine the best possible outcome in that situation and focus on it: Negativity makes us anxious and stressed so try to focus on something positive to relieve some of your tension

5) Journal: Write anything from how you’re feeling to how your day went to what your plans are for the future

6) Stretch: Stretching is good for your body and can really get you out of your head and into how your muscles are feeling and your body is reacting to different stretches

7) Talk to your favorite person: Let someone else know how you’re feeling and talk about something that will make you both laugh and shift your focus to other things

8) Take a nap: Sometimes we get overwhelmed and just need to rest and refresh to get on with the rest of our day and that’s okay

And just remember you are loved, valued, and your life matters ♡

♡ as always thanks for reading! for more content like this i have a beauty, selfcare, and girl chat podcast called “project it girl” and episode 4 is out tomorrow! so listen here: https://linktr.ee/projectitgirl

Until next time I love you and please stay safe and healthy :) x