there is a time,
a season to wait,
to watch,
to observe.

in that season, you may feel lonely while simultaneously surrounded by people.

you may need to step out from the noise that is around you and recoil like a spring into the quiet of your own mind.

for those who use the world as a distraction from their reality, this might be difficult to achieve, painful even. you will try and fail, but you must try again. you must keep trying until there are no more distractions.

once you find that voice, the one that has been whispering your name in the quiet. once you draw near to that voice and listen to what it says then you may return to outside world.

but you are reborn now, suddenly brighter, happier, unshakable, unaffected yet aware of a plethora of new things. you will find yourself in a new season, no longer in the waiting period.

you may advance. you are advancing. growing. floating. everyone sees you and wonders where you are going. you don't have time to stop and explain. don't wait for them to understand this new you. you have waited enough.

just go.