hey guys! in the summer I always try to do things that keep my mind and my body healthy, so I thought it would be a good idea to share them all with you because they do work <3

1 ) set the mood

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whether I want to be productive or relax I always like to set the mood: soffused lightning, candles and small lights are the best solution

2 ) drink a lot

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this is quite banal, but effective during the hot days. that is why it's great to always have a canteen with you

3 ) watch netflix

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watching tv shows, films or documentaries is a good way to kill time and expand your knowledge by learning new things

4 ) do your homework

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studying is something that I've always enjoyed doing, even though sometimes it is difficult, especially with subjects that I don't like. anyway, remember that it's important to always train your mind

5 ) move your body

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this is probably the hardest one for me beacause of my laziness. despite that I try to go for a walk, dance or go cycling to benefit my body

6 ) set money aside

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if you have a summer job or you are simply receiving pocket money, save it for a better future

7 ) eat healthy, but be kind to yourself

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this is pretty self-explanatory: eat healthier but don't be too harsh on yourself by depriving you of everything

8 ) throw away what you don't need

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get rid of all the things that you consider unnecessary: old clothes, ugly decorative objecs, gone off make-up...

9 ) put on sunscreen

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protect your skin, kids! even if you're only going out for a few hours this step of your skin-care cannot be skipped

10 ) go out with your friends

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don't miss a chance and have fun, otherweise you're going to regret it. go out, meet new people, enjoy the best years of your life

11 ) start a bujo

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you don't have to be an artist to create a bullet journal. having one can help you a lot, seriously. you can organize your plans, improve yourself and be productive!

12 ) read as much as you can

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stop time by reading a book and travel with fantasy. you can do this at home, while you're on holiday, on the plane... it really doesn't matter. try to escape reality and live another person's life