hey guys! i actually took this test a while ago, but i thought it'd be cool to share :) p.s. not all of these are at the top of my list, but they are the characters i know!!
1. nymphadora tonks; harry potter
sabrina carpenter, guitar, and music image pink, hair, and girl image hair, girl, and pink hair image girl, rainbow, and grunge image
92% match!
2. phoebe buffay; friends
90s, series, and tv show image accessories, rings, and jewelry image 2003, 90s, and beautiful image 2003, blonde, and phoebe buffay image
92% match!
3. robin hood; robin hood
archer image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image Image by Princess forest, nature, and tree image
90% match!
4. george weasley; harry potter
kj apa, riverdale, and archie andrews image aesthetic, red, and trouble image harry potter, sweet, and food image vintage, coffee, and food image
88% match!
5. jo march; little women
little women image anne with an e, aesthetics, and anne shirley image book, girl, and dress image little women, Saoirse Ronan, and jo march image
88% match!
6. luna lovegood; harry potter
art, paint, and colors image blond image angel, hunter, and gem image art, brush, and colors image
87% match!
7. ty lee; atla
ty lee, avatar, and avatar the last airbender image theme, aesthetic, and rp theme image pink, legs, and skirt image girly, aesthetic, and pink image
87% match!
8. elizabeth bennet; pride and prejudice
Image by Private User Chicken, cottagecore, and cottage image shabby chic, cottage, and english image elizabeth bennett, heroine, and pride and prejudice image
85% match!
9. theodore laurence; little women
Saoirse Ronan, timothee chalamet, and sweet image piano, music, and hands image Saoirse Ronan, timothee chalamet, and gif image art, colors, and details image
85% match!
10. eleanor shellstrop; the good place
gif, series, and tv show image jeans, star, and human disaster image simple and women image girl, blue, and sky image
85% match!
11. jake peralta; brooklyn 99
gif and brooklyn nine-nine image guitar, music, and boy image body language and man image actor, andy samberg, and jake peralta image
84% match!
12. ambrose spellman; caos
aesthetic, male, and overlay image gold, male, and man image clouds, dark, and lonely image eyes and freckles image
84% match!
13. elizabeth swann; pirates of the caribbean
keira knightley, pirates of the caribbean, and elizabeth swann image compass and travel image world, globe, and map image keira knightley, pirates of the caribbean, and elizabeth swann image
82% match!
14. peter quill; mcu
movie, groot, and guardians of the galaxy image 'aesthetic', 'wonderland', and 'grunge' image Image by enligne Inspiring Image on We Heart It
80% match!
15. juliet capulet; romeo and juliet
chemise, victorian, and camponesa image Image by Machy girl and smile image aesthetics, fav, and tumblr image
80% match!
other matches include:
- luke skywalker, 79%
- harry potter, 83%
- sirius black, 86%
- ginny weasley, 81%
- damian leigh, 90%
thank you so much for reading! make sure to like my other articles and credit if used!