name & appearance
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Lizzy Petrillo; 20 years old.
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fashion & personality
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her quotes
- " no, you don't wanna try me."
- "what are you so sad about?"
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- "i am not the one dying first."
horror movie era
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early 2000s.
villian [ her professor at the uni ]
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lizzy's professor at the University starts to write romantic/familiar poems referring obviously to her, as Mr. Kingsley releases his collection in one of his lectures.
ppl begin to think, that the two of them might have an hanky-panky going on between them.
Lizzy starts to believe her professor was some kind of creep and she felt like being watched the whole time; first at the uni but soon she couldn't feel safe in her home as well.
sadly, Lizzy was right and Mr. Kingsley was more than just a skulk.
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most of the time at the University;
// town: Seattle
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weapon (s)

just a pair of nail scissors.

her friends in the film
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Eliott Grant ( a very close classmate, who first noticed the strange behaviour of lizzy & tried to help her.)
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Aubrey Fields ( bff, since aubrey was very close to lizzy's boyfriend)
love interest
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well, her bf doesn't like her Professor very much.
dead or survivor?
nearly all of them die due to trying to help lizzy getting out of Mr. Kingsley's clutches.
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idk if there would be an happy end i guess lol. ---
i just love love love natalie portman sm and her looks and everything.
hope u enjoyed this mess haha; see you!