Hey you all! Hope everybody’s well. I’m back with something bookish again.
I just saw this “Book Tropes Tag” by @out_for_a_walk_b7tch from the WHI Book Club. I loved it so much. So, I’m going to do this tag today!
| The original article |
Let’s begin!
| Enemies To Lovers Or Friends To Lovers? |
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| Enemies To Lovers. It’s one of my favourite tropes, ever |
| The Outcast Hero or The Secret Heir? |
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| The Outcast Hero |
| Ally to Enemy or Enemy to Ally? |
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| I love both! |
| The Reluctant Hero or All Powerful Chosen One? |
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| The Reluctant Hero |
| The Lucky Novice or The Mentor? |
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| The Mentor |
| Love Triangle or Marriage of Convenience? |
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| I love both |
| Morally Grey Hero or Sympathetic Bad Guy? |
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| Sympathetic Bad Guy |
| Tyrannical Government or Ancient Evil? |
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| Ancient Evil |
| Mysterious Boarding School or Haunted House? |
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| Mysterious Boarding School |
| Dead Parents or Missing Sibling? |
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| Dead Parents |
And, that’s it! Hope you liked the article!
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| Cover Image |
Stay safe and lot’s of love