hi guys! I've seen this idea on the website multiple times, so I decided to make my own version

  • โ‹… หšฬฃ- : โœง : โ€“ โญ’ โŠน โญ’ โ€“ : โœง : -หšฬฃโ‹… .. โ‹… หšฬฃ- : โœง : โ€“ โญ’ โŠน โญ’ โ€“ : โœง : -หšฬฃโ‹… .

basic information

name: Ezlyn Locke
birthday: July 10, 2001
zodiac sign: Cancer
lives in: Los Angeles, California
famous for: she started her career on Youtube, where she gained a lot of fans and became a social media star, and later had a big success in her acting career after starring in a Netflix original


Image by Private User aesthetic, blue hair, and goth image nailea devora and naileadevora image accessories, butterfly, and earrings image
petite, pear shaped body and toned abs, black eyes, naturally curly brown hair, but she likes to dye it in crazy colours to change her look; has a few small tattoos and ear piercings


quotes, words, and life image Image by ๐Ÿ’ซ quotes, words, and embrace image aesthetic, friends, and indie image
very independent and confident; she always makes witty comments; she loves being spontaneous and partying with her friends, but she's also well educated and has an incredible thirst for knowledge


red carpet
shoes and heels image back, beautiful, and jewels image fashion, white, and dress image classy, glamour, and Queen image
interviews & talk shows
cool, Couture, and dress image fashion, style, and heels image Image by ๐•ฑ๐–š๐–ˆ๐– ๐–š๐–• fashion and green image
parties & events
long blonde hair, marie von behrens, and mocha aesthetic image dress, blue, and fashion image dress, fashion, and blue image Image by o l i v i a
blond hair, mirror selfie, and fashion style mode image amazing, fashion, and girly image nike, shoes, and blue image long sleeve top, short brown hair, and wide leg pants image


Image by Alycia164 beautiful, beauty, and bella image beauty, hair, and girl image makeup and lashes image
she usually keeps her makeup very light and natural, but she's not afraid to do bold looks from time to time

hobbies & interests

girl, dress, and explore image dogs, korean, and kpop image aesthetic, book, and beige image girl, aesthetic, and travel image
she loves travelling to new places and volunteering in her free time; she also likes finding answers to all of her questions, so she's always learning something new
  • โ‹… หšฬฃ- : โœง : โ€“ โญ’ โŠน โญ’ โ€“ : โœง : -หšฬฃโ‹… .. โ‹… หšฬฃ- : โœง : โ€“ โญ’ โŠน โญ’ โ€“ : โœง : -หšฬฃโ‹… .

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