I guess if I'm starting this, I should just explain why with my first post.

My thoughts and emotions really play a part of who I am, same could be said for about 99.9% of people. Though there's people in my life I can come to express these to, the complexity of my thoughts really do run deep. It's a range of colors. At times I could bring out the brightest of thoughts, but then get clouded by the darkest emotions. Sometimes the vulnerability of sharing to people isn't the best answer, but if there's no judgement, then there's no consequence, right? So I think as an outlet of what goes on in my life (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally), this is something I wanna try.

This page, or blog, or however people wanna refer this as is just me speaking my mind. I've been writing to myself with several journals I keep hidden for almost my whole life. I know at times people might disagree with things I say, but idgaf LOL. Most of the time I'll prolly just say the most random things n thas just me. With that being said, there are times where it gets sad n it gets dark, but hopefully the release of my inner thoughts through here help me in the future.