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Cluster | radiates throughout a room & charges other crystals
aesthetic, beautiful, and crystal image cluster, crystals, and forher image
Double-terminated | transforms negative energy
Image by maria leonidou tattoo, crystal, and rainbow image
Druzy | relaxation, harmony
crystal, crystals, and etsy image crystal, etsy, and spiritual image
Egg | healing, balance
crystal, etsy, and spiritual image etsy, amethyst jewelry, and amethyst ball image
Geode | grounding, internal healing
aesthetic, amethyst, and beautiful image amethyst, crystal, and etsy image
Generator | amplying, charging
boho, etsy, and fashion image amethyst, crystal, and etsy image
Palm | grounding, calming
etsy, healing stone, and natural stone image crystal, etsy, and moonstone image
Pyramid | very focused, manifestation
pink, crystal, and photography image crystal, pagan, and pyramid image
Raw | strong, sporadic energy
crystal, quartz, and rose image crystal and gemstone image
Sphere | even energy from all around
Image by Дарья Сатурн crystal ball, etsy, and metaphysical image
Tumbled | gentle, even energy
pink, aesthetic, and stone image chakra, china, and crystal image

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