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so, i finally finished all 6 seasons of gossip girl, i know i am super late but i hadn't found the time to commit to so many episodes besides this quarantine season, i'm going to talk about the show and just a warning, the article contains major spoilers, so if you haven't watched the whole show yet, finish it before you read this!!

1. favourite character?

blair waldorf and gossip girl image
blair waldorf, obviously

2. favourite couples?

probably the most CONTROVERSIAL answer ever:
but, i liked serena with nate and blair with dan, i know neither of them end up together, but oh well hahah

gossip girl, blake lively, and Chace Crawford image gossip girl, blake lively, and couple image
serena and nate
blair, humphrey, and dair image gossip girl image
blair and dan

3. best friends?

personally, i thought blair and serena were too chaotic sometimes
so i preferred chuck and nate, they were super cute and consistent

blair waldorf, gossip girl, and cute image

4. favourite parental figures?

i was so sad when they weren't together anymore, i was rooting for them the whole way

gossipgirl, lily, and rufus image couple, lové, and gossip girl image
rufus and lily

5. least favourite character?

gossip girl, jenny humphrey, and Taylor Momsen image gossip girl, jenny humphrey, and Taylor Momsen image
jenny humphrey

she had her moments of being a really powerful character who made her own rules and was super resilient, but i felt like i wanted to see the other characters instead of her, she was also the most angsty and pined after nate or damien when she was clearly only a highschooler

6. a character you secretly liked when everyone else didn't?

Elizabeth Hurley, diana payne, and gossip girl image
diana payne

okay dead set, i loved her, she got what she wanted and although she wasn't exactly "a good guy" her motives were hella interesting

7. how did you hear about the show?

gossip girl, gg, and chuck bass image

my friends have been bugging me to watch it since i was thirteen and i've been putting it off, but i'm glad i sat down and watched all of it

8. best thing about the show?

the best thing about the show was that it was always entertaining, there was never an episode which felt like a filler or waste of time, the characters would always be developing and it was like the viewers had exclusive access to everything about them

9. worst thing about the show?

i think the worst thing was how many episodes there were, maybe it was just me not used to watching such huge shows but i felt like it was dragged out a little, like every second episode serena was dating someone new and blair had a new scheme so it tended to get a little repetitive, but still, it was amazing

10. favourite moment?

I Love You Too image
this says it all!!

11. highschool or college era

college, hands down

12. best quotes?

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and bitch image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image gossip girl, quotes, and blair image dan humphrey, gg, and text image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and chuck bass image gossip girl, quotes, and blake lively image

13. favourite season?

leighton meester image gossip girl, leighton meester, and blair waldorf image
probably season 5

14. thoughts on the ending?

honestly, while watching the last episode, my heart was racing because i was so nervous about how it would end, and then the whole post marriage ceremony conversation made me so emotional because it'd probably be the last time i'd see the entire cast in one location (especially when blair said "so i guess that means it's all over now"), but i did low-key wish dan was marrying blair instead of chuck, IN SAYING THAT, I WILL SAY I WAS VERY IMPRESSED WITH WHO GOSSIP GIRL TURNED OUT TO BE

blair waldorf, leighton meester, and Penn Badgley image

as for the last 5 minutes, it was good to see how much all the characters had grown from their immature, highschool selves, i squealed when i realised chuck was now a father and when i realised that dan and serena were getting married

gossip girl, chanel, and blair waldorf image gossip girl, nate archibald, and blair waldorf image adorable, gossip girl, and handsome image dan humphrey, daniel, and gg image

i couldn't believe that it was all over, i was so used to automatically clicking on the next episode, but wow, what a great tv show, i really had been missing out