Day Four

Dear someone I've drifted away from,

You seemed to not have noticed that I was drifting away progressively from you since January and that's good. To drift away from you was my intention. I know it sounds mean but what you did. to me wasn't very nice. You replaced everybody with your new friend, I was there when she wasn't there. In the other hand, it's good that you started drifting away from me before I started. After quarentine, when we got back to school, I. completely ignored you because I didn't wanted to tell you that it's not nice to be remplaced as we had only one week. So, I had this week ignoring you and when you were sticking me like glue when you friend wasn't here I pretended. I was an hypocrite but i don't care. I'm happier far away from you.

You did a lot of things that are not right.

  • Copy my and my sis' styles: Vans, Converse, mom jeans you copied
  • Replace me: since you met her, I didn't exist anymore
  • Break my friend's heart: it was your boyfriend, he loved you but you treated him like shit

The list could be longer.

To be nice, I must say "I don't hate you now but got the right to". Remember that I can be a bitch and never take me for granted.

Love, Noémie

Inspired by @bex_st
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