hi everyone! i'm just gonna keep this description short bc i just wanna get started on this article and i feel like it'll be fun! ♡

  • ps: i'll be showing this to my future hubby so he knows how i'd like our wedding to look like- i'm playin
  • one thing for sure tho, i do not want to be proposed to in public. i want it to be private and it'd be more meaningful yall catch my drift?

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i hope yall like it ♡

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i've always wanted to be proposed to at a beach or just anywhere with a beautiful view! somewhere with a sunset, just a lil sum
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how i'd look like!
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but if i were to get married somewhere else...

beach, romantic, and love image
i'd like to get married at the beach!
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i really like the vibe of having the after party outdoors at night. the lights make it more magical
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a live painter during the occasion and a photo booth for pictures!
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a minimalistic cake and party favors!
beach, beautiful, and blue image summer, sea, and ocean image
the maldives would be an ideal honeymoon destination or anywhere tropical~!

- soo, this was fun to write about~! it was kinda like telling my own fairytale story. these are basically the type of things that girls like to fantasize about 😂

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