I always asked myself, what if I were a Princess?
Basic Information
Name: Skylar Versailles
Meaning: Eternal life and strength
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Birth Place: Paris, France
Nationality: British
Residence: United Kindom
Image removed paris, city, and travel image travel, bridge, and paris image london, england, and Buckingham palace image Image removed Image by marie m. france, gardens, and versailles image london, vintage, and england image
eye image girl, summer, and hair image
beauty, eyebrows, and girl image
Green eyes like the woods, long light brown hair, natural full red lip, and the kindest smile
hair and hairstyle image Image by jessy cat hair, hairstyle, and blonde image haïr image
beauty, eyebrows, and eyes image Image removed aesthetic, beauty, and eyebrows image girl, beauty, and makeup image
Image removed quotes, Queen, and princess image quotes, words, and motivation image Image by Private User
aesthetic, gold, and greek image crown, white, and dress image girl, makeup, and beauty image crown, princess, and aesthetic image
fashion, style, and necklace image nails, gold, and jewelry image Image by [𝕓] bikini, jewellery, and looks image fashion and rings image accessories, chic, and fashion image
casual, style, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, beauty, and denim image fashion, outfit, and summer image fashion, style, and outfit image
girl, mirror, and fashion image outfit, jeans, and summer image cap, fits, and denim image outfit, fashion, and style image fashion image fashion, outfit, and nike image
fashion, outfit, and bag image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image
Royal Event
Couture, dress, and dresses image dress and fashion image dress, fashion, and long image dress, fashion, and style image aesthetic, pink, and satin silk image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧
girl, photography, and samurai image dagger and knife image fight image boxing and box image
art, girl, and flowers image
art, aesthetic, and paint image art, paint, and painting image
Chick, exercise, and girl image
Image by Perfectly•Imperfect Basketball, jeans, and style image
drummer, drumming, and music image
aesthetic, band, and black image bands, drums, and girl image
castle, flowers, and house image
house, architecture, and castle image green image nature, aesthetic, and green image castle, sunlight, and checkerboard image
inspiration, royalty, and bedroom image
luxury, mirror, and room image bedroom, gold, and home image
horse, animal, and love image
A black horse, like the night.
horse, black, and girl image horse, eyes, and animal image
alternative, boho, and dog image
A wolf, loyal with his Moon.
wolf, animal, and nature image aesthetic, beautiful, and girl image
милаха image
A white rabbit, naive, innocent, and pure.
cute, rabbit, and bunny image cute, animal, and rabbit image

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