hi guyssss :D welcome to/back to alterWorld! I have a second article for you guys today. I just thought 'The 18th' was a little boring hehe. anyway, in this article I put together some quotes for you guys in the colors of the rainbow. I hope you enjoy x)

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alright people, let's start :)


photography image quotes, aesthetic, and love image art, golden, and pink image Image by K Y L I E


quotes, selflove, and babygirl image quotes, motivation, and direction image quotes, aesthetic, and orange image quotes image


quotes, yellow, and progress image yellow, aesthetic, and indie image quotes, beauty, and inspiration image quote and yellow image


quotes, green, and motivation image empowering, guide, and inspiring image quotes, words, and green image aesthetic, green, and hope image


blue, quotes, and aesthetic image quotes, wallpaper, and motivation image blue, kpop, and Lyrics image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


quotes, purple, and survive image quotes, motivation, and self love image quotes, purple, and strong image inspiration, inspo, and lavender image



quotes and self care image quotes, pink, and friends image feelings, mind, and quotes image quotes and pink image

The End :)

thankyou so much for reading!