3:15 by bazzi

you made me feel alive
forget them other bitches, i will put 'em to the side
girls in l.a. couldn't be more dry
you're so money, baby, you ain't even have to try

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butterfly by bts

will you stay by my side?
will you promise me?
if i let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break
i’m scared, scared, scared of that

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i wish i never met you by abbey glover

don't wanna be the first thought on your mind
when you wake up in the morning
don't wanna be the last thought on your brain
when you're slowly falling asleep
don't wanna be the person you always wanna talk to
cause god i don't want to talk to you

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break my heart again by finneas

don't pretend that i'm the instigator
you were the one but you were born to say goodbye
kissed me half a decade later
that same perfume, those same sad eyes

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someone you loved by lewis capaldi

now the day bleeds, into nightfall
and you're not here to get me through it all
i let my guard down and then you pulled the rug
i was getting kinda used to being someone you loved

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20cm by txt

we have been together since we were kids
in that hot summer, i haven’t seen you in a long time
my height was tall and my voice went down

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greek god by conan gray

'cause you don't really hate me (you're a little baby)
you don't wanna end me (you wanna befriend me)
and it's not surprising (i can see you smiling)
every time you kick me, you're not gonna win me

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as if it's your last by blackpink

baby, hold me till I explode
stop thinking, what’s so hard about this?
kiss me like it’s a lie
as if i’m your last love

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alphabet boy by melanie martinez

i know my abc's, yet you keep teaching me
i say, fuck your degree, alphabet boy
you think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry
fuck all your abc's, alphabet boy

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attention by joji

i thought i'd vocalize my troubles, but nobody will listen
i know i'm cryptic and i'm weird, that shit comes off as indifferent
i don't wanna die so young

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healing by seventeen

from day to night,
you can’t peacefully rest for a single moment
you’re not happy when the phone rings
i wanna runaway, don’t look for me

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i hate u, i love u by gnash

do you miss me like i miss you?
fucked around and got attached to you
friends can break your heart too
and i'm always tired but never of you

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