These are MY favorite female characters and i love them all so much! They are such badasses.

1. Kiara Carrera

kiara, outer banks, and obx image aesthetic, cameron, and chase image
Outer banks

2. Thea Queen

arrow, willa holland, and thea queen image arrow, arrow gif, and gif image

3. Blair Waldorf

gossip girl, Powerful, and woman image blair waldorf, christmas, and gossip girl image
Gossip girl

4. Jennifer Jareau

criminal minds, aj cook, and gif image criminal minds, aj cook, and gif image
Criminal minds

5. Ada Shelby

gif, girls, and Shelby image badass, Hot, and sexy image
Peaky blinders

6. Gina linetti

chelsea peretti, brooklyn 99, and gina linetti image gif, chelsea peretti, and brooklyn nine nine image
Brooklyn nine nine

7. Jessica Day

meme, new girl, and jessica day image gif, gifs, and jess image
New girl

8. Rebekah Mikaelson

The Originals, claire holt, and rebekah mikaelson image marcel gerard, marbekah, and The Originals image
The vampire diaries / The originals

9. Nairobi

actress, beauty, and nairobi image la casa de papel, nairobi, and netflix image
Money heist / La casa de papel

10. Robin Buckley

robin, buckley, and strangerthings image edit, icon, and stranger things image
Stranger things

This is so random but i was on a writing streak but yesterday i'm too lazy to do anything lmao. sorry.