Hope that you are doing fine and that you are safe and sound. This is just a random idea I came across months ago and decided to try it just now after a friend of mine called me by this old nickname of mine but with a twist:

I decided to rate how different would they be from me if they actually were their own persons. (1 being the most closely to me and 5 being the most different)

So I hope that you enjoy it!

Little Disclaimer: Whenever I find that article I was talking about, I will update this article for you to take a look at it!


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Imagine me as a human but more like a hopeless romantic. I feel like Mariah would be the type of person who lives for humanities and is basically married to her violin since she was a kid in elementary school.

Rating: 3/5

Reason being is that I am pretty into it all and could even consider myself as a dreamer at times, but I am still someone who would choose logic over heart unless it is really tearing me apart.


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“Maqui” is the nickname that originated from my go-to ids in any game possible, but mainly PSN (Playstation Network) as people couldn’t quite pronounce the tag. So I think that she would be a really active person and someone who possesses a keen knowledge of technologies and gameplay development. In fact, if I visualize her in college, I think that she would go for that career or something computer graphics-related.

Rating: 3.5/5

Besides sharing a love to play and kill time in games and the fact that I see her as a strategic person and someone who enjoys math probably as much as me or even higher... I definitely cannot see me drooling over graphics or having as much brains as it is needed to pursue a career on that field, in fact, I know my stuff because I need to, not because I enjoy it.

Mary Ross

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Childhood nickname derived from my first name and second name, everyone has been calling me like that for as long as I can remember even if I hated it at first. Due to the fact of it being a childhood name, the oldest I can see her as a person would be someone in her mid-teens, so around 15-years-old or so.

Mary Ross would be a shy girl that would be hesitant to speak up but won’t hesitate to approach any of her inner circle that needs help, meaning that she might come up as quiet at first but as soon as she lays trust in you, she will become very sweet, caring and maybe a little chaotic like any teenager.

Rating: 4.5/5

Because she resembles a teenage me, someone who was often stuffing her opinions back like they didn’t matter, someone with credulous or gullible tendencies, someone who would shut everything out and pretend to be fine, someone who would follow anyone’s orders without hesitation nor regard for her own beliefs… She is way different from who I currently am, but the sole reason why I didn’t score her a blunt five would be insecurity.

Yes, I have grown out of most of those teenagers faces because I either had to or learnt to, but if there’s something that still is within me - and probably will be for a while - is insecurity, though not as extreme as back then.


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This is the nickname first introduced by my brothers back when we were little, and would be my preferred nickname until after I began my final teenage years. She is a playful being, even considered wild at times, always experimenting with things and coming up with new things to do - never one to remain still for longer than an hour, someone innovative and curious. Someone who won’t take anything for granted and will be constantly be wanting more along with the experience.

Rating: 2/5

We share a lot of things, but she resembles the side of my personality that comes up with my dearest ones. The reality is that I am not always like that, and although you would consider me some sort of adventurer at times, the truth is that most of the time I prefer to be relaxed at home enjoying something nice rather than being chaotic.


This is all for today guys, hope that this turned out fine and see you soon with more content.

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