brooklyn 99, b99, and b99 cast image
A- Amy Santiago
bobbi, agents of shield, and mockingbird image
B- Bobbi Morse
greys anatomy, tv show, and christina yang image
C- Christina Yang
wonder woman and gal gadot image
D- Diana Prince
criminal minds, emily prentiss, and gif image
E- Emily Prentiss
comic book, Marvel, and firestar image
F- Firestar
ginny weasley and harry potter image
G- Ginny Weasley
Image by Annie Rojas♔♞
H- Hermione Granger
emeraude toubia, pretty, and beautiful image
I- Isabelle Lightwood
greys anatomy and jo wilson image
J- Jo Wilson
the hunger games, jennifer laurence, and kattnis everdeen image
K- Katniss Everdeen
Princess Leia, star wars, and profile picture image
L- Leia Organa
beauty, greys anatomy, and fashion image
M- Meredith Grey
black widow, film, and Marvel image
N- Natasha Romanoff
aesthetic, black panther, and edit image
O- Okoye
icon, agent, and peggy carter image
P- Peggy Carter
skye, quake, and agents of shield image
Q- Quake (Daisy Johnson)
diaz, girl, and brooklyn nine nine image
R- Rosa Diaz
agents of shield, elizabeth henstridge, and jemma simmons image
S- Simmons, Jemma
disney and tiana image
T- Tiana
gif, bridget regan, and agent carter image
U- Underwood, Dottie
film, valkyrie, and gif image
V- Valkyrie
gif image
W- Wanda Maximoff
logan, x-23, and dafne keen image
X- X-23 (Laura Kinney)
black widow, gif, and florence pugh image
Y- Yelena Belova
zozo, zola grey shepherd, and merder image
Z- Zola Grey Shepherd

All of these characters have had an influence on me in one way or another. Most of the the characters are from the MCU and Marvel Comics, and others are from Grey's Anatomy, Star Wars, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Disney, DCEU, Harry Potter, Shadow Hunters, and Criminal Minds(I have watched a lot of shows/movies in quarantine). I hope you enjoyed this article and check out some of my other posts.