• Name:

Emma Jean Gilbert

  • Birth Name:

Emmaline Rose Labonair

  • Story:
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Emmaline is the biological daughter of Robert Labonair and Estelle Chamberlain. Her father Robert was a werewolf from one of the two royal bloodlines of the Crescent Wolf Pack, which ruled the French Quarter in the 1990s. Her mother Estelle came from a long line of witch's but it skipped a generation with her and she was just a regular human. Emmaline is the twin sister of Andrea Labonair who inherited her father's werewolf gene.
The Labonair family was later massacred and the only two surviving members were Andrea and Emmaline, who were separated and put into different foster care's. Emmaline was later adopted by Grayson and Miranda Gilbert and started to go by Emma Gilbert, gaining two siblings in the form of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert.

Emma is the bestfriend of Caroline Forbes and they share a sisterly bond that is practically unbreakable.
After her parents death (Grayson and Miranda) Emma seems to partly blame Elena but never says anything to her, still caring a lot for her sister. Emma eventually discovers she's a witch, a very powerful one too.
When Emma begins a relationship with Damon she has a lot of insecurities and fears that he will fall for Elena or pick her over Emma.
This later turns out to be true when he admits to kissing Elena who was actually Katherine. They break up and Emma begins to move on, telling him that no matter how much she loves Damon and he loves her, she can't forgive him for trying to kiss her sister. She later has feelings for Elijah and than Klaus after spending a whole summer with him. Emma falls in love with Kol after meeting him at the Mikaelson ball and they are together up until his death which leads to Emma growing to resent her sister for stealing away her happiness. They make up but it takes awhile.

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Mikaelson Ball

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  • Family
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Hayley Marshall (TWIN SISTER), & , Robert Labonair (BIOLOGICAL FATHER), & , Estelle Labonair-Chamberlain (BIOLOGICAL MOTHER), & , Grayson Gilbert (ADOPTED FATHER), & , Miranda Gilbert-Sommers (ADOPTED MOTHER), & , Elena Gilbert (ADOPTED SISTER), & , Jeremy Gilbert (ADOPTED BROTHER), & , Jenna Sommers (ADOPTED AUNT), & , John Gilbert (ADOPTED UNCLE)
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Stefan is a minor romance and is more of a long time crush turned love from friends.