I have changed my morning routine, I know you guys didnt know the old one, but Im really happy with what it is now.

Go to bed Early, Wake up early

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The past mornings, I've been waking up at 7:30 ish. And I kinda like being up before the city is up. Most of the time that is.


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Drinking water as soon as you wake up is super important! I have a water bottle next to my bed that i fill up before bed, so when i wake up, its already there

Make my bed and tidy up my room

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It's super important to make your bed in the morning. Especially if you want to have a happy productive day, the sense of completing something that early puts your mind in a happy place.

Fresh air

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Getting fresh air shortly in early mornings helps you wake up. Personally, I love to feel the warm early morning sun on my face.

Stretching and exercise

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Depending on the weather, Ill stretch or exercise outside. But getting the blood flowing shortly after you wake up will help you when you want to have a productive day


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Depending on my mood as well as how im feeling, I'll make myself either oatmeal, an egg sandwich, a smoothie bowl. or pancakes.


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I usually brush my teeth in the shower, or when im doing my skin care.

Skin Care

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I usually just wash my face, moisturize, toner, the usual. As well as sunscreen.

Get dressed

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It doesnt take me that long to get dressed, I usually think about what I will wear while i'm doing things before I shower.

With that being said, When my mornings get started on the right foot, and I can get on with my day, and expect ill have a good day!
If this gets enough likes, Ill probably do my new night routine eventually. haha

Have a good day/night everyone <3