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I've read a lot of articles with this tag and they are so wonderful. It inspired me to write one myself. I even wonder how I didn't write it sooner, considering that I am a huge fan of HP books and movies since my childhood.
Well, here we go:

Inspired by:


Name: Emily Blackwood
Nickname: Mila
Birthday: September 27th, Libra
Blood Status: Half-Blood


hair, flowers, and purple image blue, grey, and eyes image pale, lips, and skin image alternative, awesome, and body image
Long straight hair, dyed in light purple I Pale skin I Grey eyes I Slim I 5'8'' tall


hair, girl, and purple image banner, etsy, and gift image shoes, black, and fashion image fashion, style, and girl image
Long coats I Comfy turtlenecks I Silk shirts I Back jeans I Black or emerald nails I Silver earrings


Good traits:

forest, nature, and personality image quotes, girl, and aesthetic image Image by Private User quotes, my girl, and movie image
Open-minded I Kind I Intelligent I Creative I Loyal I Hard-working I She is also an ambivert.

Bad traits:

freak, text, and quotes image purple, neon, and aesthetic image quotes, aesthetic, and emotions image quotes, black, and feelings image
Often very pessimistic I Mysterious I Stubborn I Self-indulgent I Passive-agressive


harry potter, hufflepuff, and book image aesthetic, artistic, and floral image aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image harry potter, hufflepuff, and hogwarts image
Sorting to a house took longer than six minutes, but at the end Sorting Had decided to grant her wish and she became a proud Hufflepuff.


Fred, harry, and george image harry potter, hogwarts, and wand image alley, london, and magic image harry potter, book, and wand image
Wood: Pine I Core: Unicorn tail hair I Length: 12 inches I Flexibility: Slightly yielding


animals, beauty, and bird image angel, bird, and brown image animals, beautiful, and eyes image *-*, aww, and orange image
Female european eagle-owl, named Winky


harry potter, sean biggerstaff, and awr image harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image harry potter, ginny weasley, and hogwarts image harry potter, daniel radcliffe, and hogwarts image
Her closest friends are Oliver, Harry, Ginny and Luna.

Favorite professors:

harry potter and remus lupin image filius flitwick image pomona sprout image harry potter, hogwarts, and minerva mcgonagall image
Favorite male professors: Lupin and Flitwick I Favorite female professors: Sprout and McGonagall


harry potter, ravenclaw, and smoke image eagle, harry potter, and patronus image blue, feather, and bird image harry potter, expecto patronum, and dementors image

Favorite Classes:

harry potter and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and herbology image draco malfoy, gryffindor, and hogwarts image harry potter and hogwarts image
The more she knows the better. But homework can be so boring sometimes.

Favourite places:

harry potter and hogwarts image harry potter, book, and hp image window, hufflepuff, and yellow image harry potter image
Dumbledore's office I Hogwarts library I Hufflepuff common room I Astronomy tower

Yule Ball:

fashion, dress, and stars image hair, hairstyle, and purple image lips, lipstick, and makeup image heels, transparent, and socks image
She arrived a bit late, enjoyed watching her friends having fun and left early.


food and bread image strawberry, food, and fruit image 365, 50mm, and canon image book and read image
Fresh-baked bread I Wild strawberries I Linden flowers I The smell of old books I Mint tea

Favorite spells:

aesthetic, charms, and confusion image harry potter, spell, and protego image hands, light, and magic image aesthetic, charms, and confusion image
And of course the beautiful spell Expecto Patronum

Life After Hogwarts:

harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image aesthetic, art, and beautiful image book, magic, and witch image autumn, fall, and Halloween image
She became a wandmaker and opened her own wand shop in Hogsmeade. After some time, her wands became known as the only wands which cannot produce dark magic at all.

Well, I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading.

Until next time,

- Mikaela